Penh was eyeing up my lollipop something fierce. 

Expecting her to be repelled by it, I let her check it out.
She wiggled her antennae all over it before shoving her face right into it with the fervor of a five-year-old sugar addict. Sean managed to snap a shot of the moment! 

Apparently it’s not “bad” for her, but too much sugar can’t be very ‘good’ either! Though, I’m have a feeling that she would insist otherwise if she were capable of doing so.

nom nom nom

how cuteeeeee *___*

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Sol Duc Cabin

Architects: Olson Kundig Architects

Location/Year: Olympic Peninsula, Washington State, USA / 2011

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Es posible enamorarse de una canción? Creo que sí.



Javier Marin  was born in Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico in 1962. He studied at San Carlos, the National Academy of Art, in Mexico City and has exhibited widely throughout Mexico with solo exhibitions at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, MARCO in Monterrey, and the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. He has been featured in over thirty solo exhibitions and participated in more that one hundred domestic and international exhibitions including the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.

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Un paseo por la Alfama.


Un paseo por la Alfama.

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Mika Tajima - Negative Entropy (2012)

Negative Entropy is a series of abstract woven portraits. These works are simultaneously images and material records of their own production. The subjects are aging factories using industrial textile Jacquard looms (a precursor to digital technology) and server colocation centers that comprise today’s cloud computing infrastructure.

Tajima recorded production sounds at several locations in manufacturing areas of Pennsylvania, once a booming industrial region, which included a few remaining textile-related factories in the area as well as a data center network in Philadelphia.

The recordings were then transmuted into digital image files, and then physically translated by a weaving designer into a Jacquard fabric.

The final woven textiles were stretched over custom acoustic panels to function as sound deadening tiles, the same type used in recording studios to isolate sounds made by individual performers.

The looms inscribe their own death, producing a mute visualization of vacant factories and the ascendant industry of immaterial abstractions.”

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Courtyard in Oaxaca, Mexico. Taken by Rachel Smith.

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Wandering turtle in a map of a big city_ Alexander Brodsky 


Wandering turtle in a map of a big city_ Alexander Brodsky 

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